Rocketeer NFT

Moon boots touch the earth.
Visored faces tilt upward.
Their sole thought is wen.

Rocketeer Utility

Rocketeers are the unofficial spirit animals of the Rocketpool staking community, their utility is mostly within this community:

📈 If you are also a Rocketpool node operator you can associate a Rocketeer with your validator on the Rocketscan by setting it as your ENS avatar.

👔 Once a month you can use the Changing Room to generate a new outfit for your Rocketeer.

💬 If you are on our Discord you can apply the the @Verified Holder role. See the #get-verified channel.

Until minted, each Rocketeer exists in a quantum superposition of many possible identities. They are each unique, but share a foundational desire to reach the moon.


Join us for questions, conversations, and suggestions.

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NFT design components by unvetica.eth and team.

Contract, interface and oracle code by mentor.eth.

Logistical support by LookingForOwls and colfax.


What does a Rocketeer cost?

Minting will be free (besides gas costs).

What is the supply cap?

The diameter of the moon in kilometers: 3475.

Which attributes do Rocketeers have?

They will have a variety of helmets, visors, suits and backdrops. Each with multiple color options.

Do Rocketeers have utility?

Rocketeers are collectibles, and the ETH2 staking communities are integrating them in community projects. Also, let's just say that when two Rocketeers love each other very much, they sometimes make little Rocketeers...

How random are Rocketeers?

The attributes have weighted probabilities. Upon mint a random number generator probablistically determines the attributes.

How is the team paid?

The team does not earn money from minting. Every 42nd Rocketeer is sent to the contract wallet, to be used for community ends. If you are the one minting it it will cost you some more gas. There is also a 5% trading royalty on Opensea designed to recoup the costs associated with development.

What inspired the Rocketeer NFT?

The undying patience and excited optimism of the Rocket Pool and ETH2 staking communites.

What media are available for the Rocketeers?

Each Rocketeer have a scalable vector file so you can use the art on any size medium. We will also supply jpegs so you can easily use them for your online identities.

Is the code open source?

Yes, you can find it here on Etherscan and in this Github repository.